We love what we do
& we do it with passion!

We are pleased to welcome you to the area of ​​transport. From grandfather to grandfather driven improved services and better organization for transportation of passengers. Over the years we have managed to serve a large percentage of the traveling public.

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We have staffed our cars with highly qualified staff with many years of expertise and experience in the field, to respond promptly to wishes and requirements. Respecting the personal and professional lives of our customers, we adhere to the privacy and safeguard any information concerning them.

  • Servicing passengers

    Servicing passengers from the city web and from stations.

  • Transfer passengers

    Transfer passengers to all parts of the county but also in regions and cities across Greece.

  • Transfer executives

    Transfer the executives participating in conferences.

  • Transfer patients

    Transfer patients and those with chronic diseases in hospitals.

Our first aim is Safety!

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Licensed from Greek Ministry of Tourism!

Licensed by the Greek Ministry of Toursim with number 1249E70000059901

We love what we do
& we do it with passion!

We can suggest and organize your trip to all parts of our region!


Ancient Messene

One of Greece’s best-preserved archaeological sites, Ancient Messene combines the grandeur of Delphi with the natural beauty of Olympia.

Ancient Olympia

One of the most glorious sanctuaries of the ancient world, the birthplace of the Olympic Games is a cultural rite of passage in the Peloponnese.

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